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The LogicOil AutoLAB VISC is an expandable, modular, fully automated benchtop autosampler for houillion viscosity meeting ASTM D7279 & ASTM D2270.

Automated Houillon Viscometer

Utilising a “Houillon” capillary tube, The LogicOil AutoLAB VISCc automatically determines kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, used oils, fuels, polymers and similar materials over a wide viscosity range.

Developed for the petrochemical and lubricant blending industries, research laboratories and oil condition monitoring where small sample size and fast results are critical, The AutoLAB VISC offers exceptional accuracy, performance and reliability.

Fast & Accurate

The LogicOil AutoLAB VISC incorporates a robotic arm that can reach, measure and deliver a sample to the viscometer for analysis without human intervention.

The AutoLAB VISC not only offers autonomous overnight operation as well as high-throughput sampling, eliminating potential human errors caused by incorrect injection and freeing the operator to attend to other more important tasks.


    • Easy constant calibration
    • 1 o +/- 0.0 C Bath temperature stability
    • Rapid heating & stabilisation
    • Small sample volume
    • Easy tube replacement
    • Automated cleaning system
    • Minimal solvent consumption


The LogicOil AutoLAB VISC is a truly flexible solution offering a modular design that allows you to expanded to include multiple units and diverse temperature requirements.


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LogicOil AutoLAB VISC