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LogicOil’s AutoLAB PQ can run 50 samples in 11 minutes. The AutoLAB PQ is fast, accurate and will save you precious lab time over traditional hand loading methods.

The LogicOil AutoLAB PQ allows for automatic loading of up to 50 samples with a run of 11 minutes saving you precious lab time over traditional single sample hand loading methods.

The AutoLAB PQ’s design and software integration makes it user friendly with results shown on screen and stored securely to your network.

The  AutoLAB PQ’s smooth operation can be set to run sequentially allowing you to test all or selected samples without having to stand by and monitor.

Available in 50 (single tray) or 100 (double tray) sample configuration, the LogicOil AutoLAB PQ automatically retrieves each sample in given order and performs the
analysis using the kittiwate PQL test apparatus.

Once testing is complete, the AutoLAB PQ returns the sample to its original position in the tray.


  • Automatic loading up to 50 samples
  • Fully integrated software
  • Ability to select full tray or selected samples
  • Operates without supervision
  • View results on screen and save to a network
  • Easily standardised with the in-built calibration
  • Shield and tray interlock to enhance safety and reliability
  • Can be modified to suit sample size
  • Lab management software systems

APQ Vision Moduel 

The LogicOil AutoLAB PQ Vision module allows you to capture a visual record of each sample result. The robotic arm places the sample in the purpose designed image booth under intense led light, recording the colour, transparency and any visual debris evident in the sample.

Up to three (3) digital high definition images can be programmed from both the side and below as the sample is rotated 360 degrees.

The AutoLAB PQ Vision module eliminates the need for manual visual assessment and can be configured to visually analyse a wide variety of samples including hydraulic and transmission oils, coolants and fuels.


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