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Elemental Analyser LSE

LogicOil’s Rotating Disk Electrode spectrometer is a new ultra high resolution optical emission spectrometer (OES). Specially designed for in-service oil analysis of metals, contamination and additives in hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils.

The LogicOil LSE is supplied with a turn-key analytical program for the routine analysis of 23 elements. These are the most common metals, additive and contaminates.

In addition to oil the LogicOIl LSE can be used to measure coolant, fuel oil and water. Upgrade option also are available for Sulfur analysis.

Integrated compliance testing with ASTM D6595 for used oil analysis. The LogicOil LSE meets and exceeds all the JOAP specifications.

The software has been designed with users as the focus this has come from 30 years of development. The software manual is fully integrated into the software help with rapid support when the users needs it.

Unlike other systems on the market the LogicOil LSE has the ability to store several user calibrations that can be recalled as the operator is changing fluid type. Additional the LSE software supports the standard JOAP specification. By looking a fluid matrix the LSE has the capability to detect that the wrong calibration curve is being used and suggest a change to the correct one.

Safe & Simple to Use

The sample stand has
1. Automatic gap spacing for counter electrode
2. Sample will automatically raised to disk electrode

These automation solution removes the errors that can be introduced by poor user technique. The spark source is disable when the sample door is open. The spark source has an internal electronic protection against any potential damage that might occur.

Mobile App & Online Database

Maximize your asset life with the LogicOil Integrated Laboratory Solutions.

A complete oil analysis solution that allows you to monitor to health of you assets.

Link with LogicOil’s Integrated laboratory solutions to be able to view your results when an where you need them.


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LogicOil Elemental Analyser LSE