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Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography

In-wear debris analysis that lets you know where the wear part is, how serious it is and what lead to the abrasive wear.

LogicOil’s Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography system incorporates a Dual Slide ferrograph, ferroscope and ferrographic software system. The LogicOil Dual Slide ferrograph applies a high-gradient magnetic field to separate the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic abrasive debris from the oil sample. The debris is deposited onto a glass slide in an order of size to make the ferrograph. The ferrograph can then be analyzed in terms of shape, size, gradient, and quantity of the abrasive debris by a ferroscope.

The ferrographic software management system can build a database for routine management and analysis of the ferrographs. The Dual Slide ferrograph can be used to check the abrasion of internal combustion engines, gas turbines, gearboxes, bearings, and hydraulic systems across a broad array of industries. In addition, LogicOil’s Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography can also be used as a research tool for tribology and wear analysis in universities and scientific research institutes.


  • Adopt specialised atmospheric pumps ensuring reliable and steady oil transmission.
  • Ferrographic image processing system, including image acquisition hardware and processing software.
  • Unique velocity adjustment outlet ensured the success of creating a ferrogram.
  • Powerful foreign object discharge function.
  • Zero limitations of lubricant type.
  • Creates two ferrograms simultaneously
  • Easy to operate.


The LogicOil dual slide analytical ferrography can be applied to monitor the oil quality and temperature of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, fuel oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, synthetic ester, and various other kinds of light and heavy oil. The instrument is also ideal for use as a research tool for tribology and wear analysis in universities, oil analysis lab, and scientific research institutes.

Measurement Rage

Moisture Content: 0‐5% 0‐10% 0‐20%(optional)
Measurement Accuracy: 0.3%(typical)0.5%(max)
Resolution: 0.1%
Temperature: ‐40‐120℃
Measurement Accuracy: 0.3℃(typical)0.5℃(max)
Resolution: 0.1℃


Other Parameters

Output: 2lines: 4‐20mA analog signal and RS485 digital signal
Working Voltage: DC9V‐28V
Working Current: <6mA+ load current
Max Pressure: <100bar
Working Temperature: ‐40‐85℃
Oil Temperature: ‐40‐120℃
Machine Interface: G1/2” BSP
Electrical Interface: M8*1, 6 cores
Cable Specification: 6 cores, UL208666*22AWG 2m
EMC standard: EN 61000‐6‐4:2007 EN 61000‐6‐2:2005
Probe Material: stainless steel 316
IP Rating: IP66
weight: 250 g

What is Ferrography in wear debris analysis?

Direct reading ferrography is a more mathematical approach to ferrography. The buildup on the glass slide is measured by shining a light across the slide. The blockage of the light by the buildup of particles is then used, over time, to calculate an average. An increase in blockage indicates higher amounts of machine wear. This direct reading spectrometer technology is outdated and slowly being eliminated.

The other is analytical ferrography, it works through magnetic separation of contaminant particles and professional analysis of the particles.

A sample of the machine’s lubricating oil is taken and diluted, then run across a glass slide. This glass slide is then placed on a magnetic cylinder that attracts the contaminants. Non-magnetic contaminants remain distributed across the slide from the wash. These contaminants are then washed, to remove excess oil, heated to 600 °F for two minutes, and the slide is analyzed under a microscope.

After analysis, the particles are ranked according to size. Particles over 30 microns in size are considered “abnormal” and indicate severe wear.

Analytical Ferrography is an effective wear debris analysis tool that is expensive due to the need for specialized and complex instruments.


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LogicOil Dual Slide Analytical Ferrography