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LogicOil Lab Series

LogicOil’s Lab Series offers a range of high-end laboratory scale instruments suited to commercial oil labs and large scale mining sites.

LogicOil AutoVISC

The LogicOil Automatic Viscometer is a fully expandable, modular, automated benchtop autosampler for houillion viscosity measurement meeting ASTM D7279 & ASTM D2270.

LogicOil AutoLab XL

Automated oil analysis including Particle Count, Viscosity, FTIR and Ferrous Debris in one streamlined laboratory instrument. The LogicOil AutoLAB XL saves valuable lab technician time over conventional manual sample handling methods.

LogicOil AutoLab PQ

LogicOil’s AutoLAB PQ can run 50 samples in 11 minutes. The AutoLAB PQ is fast, accurate and will save you precious lab time over traditional hand loading methods.


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