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Portable Filter Cart

Remove harmful solid contaminants anywhere from a wide range of oils and fluids with LogicOil’s Portable Filter Cart.

Intelligent and Fast

A flow rate of 10 litres per minute (600 Litres per hour), LogicOil’s intelligent portable filter cart is able to clean a wide range of oils and fluids fast.

While standard in-line filters do a reasonable job at filtering down to 10 to 20 microns, the most harmful of contaminants found in oils and fluids are often in the sub 5 micron particle range. And these are also the most abrasive.

Equipped with built-in filter pots, LogicOils portable filter cart is capable of removing harmful solid contaminants down to under 3 microns or ISO 14/9

Portable and Versatile

Need on-site verification of oil or fluid level cleanliness? Then LogicOil’s Filter Cart has you covered. Fitted with a fuel cleanliness analyser, LogicOil’s Portable Filter Cart can deliver real-time results in ISO/NAS/SAE allowing you to clean your oils or fluids to the required cleanliness.

Together with a relative humidity meter, LogicOil’s Portable Filter Cart is ideal for applications where on-site filtration results require verification allowing the user the opportunity to obtain real-time particle counts and water content in % saturation. All at an incredible flow rate of up to 600 litres per hour.

Cost Effective

Replacement filter cartridges are high capacity and inexpensive, keeping your consumables down.

Specified Exclusively for

  • Steel Production
  • Automotive Industry
  • Injection Moulding
  • Plant Equipment Hire
  • Mining/Quarrying
  • Marine/Maritime


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LogicOil Portable Filter Cart