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Portable Oil Life Monitor

The LogicOil Portable OilLife Monitor. The easy way to keep track of your oil’s life and create new oil profiles not in the database.

Oil Life Software

LogicOil’s easy to use software lets you to get the remaining oil life from the oil in your system. The software allows you to analyse an oils remaining life by comparing samples against an ever growing database of oils. If an oil is not on the database, custom profiles can be created by temperature cycling fresh oil.

Tests can be carried out and categorised against a specific asset, with the latest software including advanced trending features to monitor how the oils life is changing over time, so any sudden fluctuations can be easily detected, alerting operators to potential early signs of component failure.

Oil Life Sensor

The Tan Delta full spectrum holistic oil conditioning sensor monitors the overall condition of the oil giving you the information you need with unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy and precision so the oils remaining useful life to be calculated. The sensor works with virtually any oil allowing you to add, store and name your own oils for more accurate test results.

Oil Life Extras

Also available for the Field Series Portable Oil Life Monitor are Plate Heater, Temperature Sensor and Stirrer.

Fluid Compatibility

  • Mineral oils
  • Organic oils
  • Synthetic oils


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LogicOil Portable Oil Life Monitor