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LogicOil Field Lab

LogicOil Field Lab utilises breakthrough digital imaging technology providing greater insight into the size and type of particulate in any oil system. Air bubble elimination and shape recognition gives root cause particle analysis and remaining oil life and water content sensors complete the package.

The Picture of Health

Harnessing the power of proven digital imaging technology!  The latest in particle counting technology has been embeded into the LogicOil Field Lab giving ISO 4406 counts as well as 4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70 & >100 micron sizing and bubble elimination.

Digital imaging, combined with advanced algorithms, sorts particles into fatigue wear, cutting wear and sliding wear categories to give root cause analysis.

This powerful technology, when coupled with additional sensors for measuring water content and oil life, gives unprecedented, on-the-spot insight into the condition of your oil.

LogicOil Field Lab Includes

Particle counts using the new Atten2 counter
ISO 4406, SAE & NAS

Broader spectrum of micron sizing
4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70 and >100 micron

Shape recognition in the software to categorise

  • Fatigue Wear
  • Sliding Wear
  • Cutting Wear
  • Fibres

Water content as % saturation (%RH – Relative Humidity)

Tan Delta Sensor Option:

  • Oil life determination utilising Tan Delta’s oil condition sensor
  • Database of over 500 oils
  • Ability to self profile an oil to add to the database

Digital Imaging 

Capable of broad size determination from 4, 6, 14, 21, 38, 70 >100 micron counts. Air bubble and water droplet elimination. Shape determination to identify fatigue, sliding or cutting wear as well as fibre identification.

Internal Pump

We’ve developed a fully controllable stepper motor driven pump to deliver exact flow rates for any oil, from 1 to 2,400 cSt. The pump also allows connection to a live system up to 350bar via a high pressure adaptor.

Oil Life Sensor

The Tan Delta Full Spectrum oil
condition sensor monitors the overall oil condition with unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy and precision and allows the oil’s remaining useful life to be calculated.


The LogicOil FieldLab’s multi-stage infographic helps engineers understand at a glance the condition of their oil, based on all of the data collected from the internal sensors.

New Software

10” touch screen allows you to view data in detail, with zoom, trending and analysis breakdown. Over 500 oil ageing profiles  embedded. Ability to self-calibrate an oil life profile should your oil not be on the database.

Water Sensor

Water in oil is a contaminant that can contribute to microbial growth and encourage further contamination, from solids to rust. The inbuilt water sensor shows the relative humidity of any oil as a % saturation.

Battery Life

Internal rechargeable lithium batteries provide a long life for remote use.

Case Design

Lightweight and heavy-duty, the outer casing is ideal for working in the field.


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