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LogicOil Ferrous

The LogicOil ferrous provides repeatable and accurate determination of ferromagnetic material concentration and is amazingly easy to use.

Detect excessive wear through offline ferrous debris concentration analysis with LogicOil Ferrous 

Routine wear metal analysis of machinery lubricants provides early warning of impending faults. LogicOil Ferrous™ provides an accurate, easy-to-use solution for offline and at-line measurements of ferrous wear debris concentrations.

Resulting measurements provide the insight necessary to determine if equipment is operating normally or if additional analyses are required.

Wear debris monitoring provides exceptional sensitivity to emerging problems and can often detect problems well in advance of vibration analysis, thermography, or other indirect monitoring methods.

LogicOil Ferrous is a standalone device that analyses a small sample of oil for ferrous debris. The rapid and simple operation of LogicOil Ferrous is accompanied by its outstanding sensitivity, making the device a perfect complement to any on-side or laboratory oil analysis.

How It Works

LogicOli Ferrous provides repeatable and accurate determination of ferromagnetic material concentration down to single ppm levels. It provides a mass proportional output from any size or quantity of ferrous contaminant particles, even sub-micron particles.

A lubricant sample is placed in a standard 2 ml laboratory sample tube. A debris reading is then taken by simply dropping the plastic sample tube into the sensing chamber and reading the updated display.


LogicOil Ferrous response is proportional to mass of ferrous material present and calibrations are performed using test standards at the time of manufacture. Particle size does not affect the measurement (in contrast to spectrometric methods).

Readings are unaffected by properties (dielectric) of fluid base, or additive package, or water content. Readings are straightforward and are presented in mass/volume standard nits, i.e.; mg Fe per liter, or PPM.

Kit Contents

LogicOil Ferrous is supplied in a protective foam lined plastic case. Complete with operating instructions, 12 Vdc universal mains adapter and a calibration check tube. Ready to use with 100 empty sample tubes. Additional tubes are readily available from stock.

Key Features

  • Avoid unpredicted failures
  • Facilitate planned maintenance
  • Monitor system commissioning (“break in”)
  • Assess filter performance and integrity
  • Lightweight, robust and portable
  • Small sample volume required
  • Easy-to-use
  • Calibration independent of base fluid used


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LogicOil Ferrous