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Logical data for condition monitoring programs

Laboratory Automation for Diagnosis & Prevention

At LogicOil, we combine our expertise in process automation and portability with our unsurpassed knowledge in oil and fuel health. A true Australian innovator, LogicOil offers a comprehensive range of ready-to-go fluid analysis solutions that effectively identify water and solid contaminants, keeping your fluids clean, and your assets performing at their best.

From increased productivity, reduced human error, improved precision and reproducibility to enhanced data quality, accelerated time-to-results and significant cost savings, we believe the benefits of laboratory automation are undeniable. LogicOil automation allows you to focus on the more complex and intellectually demanding laboratory requirements while routine and repetitive tasks are handled by automated systems.

Laboratory automation plays an increasingly critical role in modern laboratories, enabling faster and more efficient scientific research, development, and analysis across a wide range of scientific disciplines. To learn more about LogicOil automation, visit out Automation Series Page.

LogicOil Online Series

LogicOils’ Online Series gives you 24/7 constant monitoring from anywhere in the world for complete peace of mind.

LogicOil Field Series

From the lab to the field, LogicOils’ Field Series gives you the power and flexibility to do everything you need in a robust, compact and portable case.

LogicOil On-Site Series

Lab quality instruments made easy. LogicOils’ On-Site Series is at home in a workshop environment and designed for easy use by on-site technicians.

LogicOil Lab Series

LogicOil’s Lab Series offers a range of high-end laboratory scale instruments suited to commercial oil labs and large scale mining sites.


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