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Logical data for condition monitoring programs

Leader in Diagnosis and Prevention

At LogicOil, we understand oil and fuel health. LogicOil’s comprehensive range of ready-to-go filtration and oil polishing solutions enable you to effectively identify and remove water and solid contaminants keeping your oil clean, and your asset performing at its best.

LogicOil’s range of laboratory and mobile oil wear, particle and analysis equipment will help you identify potential problems and guide your maintenance planning to ensure you get the most from your assets.

LogicOil Online Series

LogicOils’ Online Series gives you 24/7 constant monitoring from anywhere in the world for complete peace of mind.

LogicOil Field Series

From the lab to the field, LogicOils’ Field Series gives you the power and flexibility to do everything you need in a robust, compact and portable case.

LogicOil On-Site Series

Lab quality instruments made easy. LogicOils’ On-Site Series is at home in a workshop environment and designed for easy use by on-site technicians.

LogicOil Lab Series

LogicOil’s Lab Series offers a range of high-end laboratory scale instruments suited to commercial oil labs and large scale mining sites.